Sunset Moore Creek

Chapter 2.

This is part two of my journey and I hope that you found it interesting enough so far to keep reading.

The time is 1989 and I have moved on from running a workshop for JT and HM Savage Proprietary Ltd and are now working with my father operating Tamworth Alignment Centre. Business is good, we have taken over from the previous owners and are gradually getting the hang of doing car, truck and bus wheel alignment’s. It has not been easy but we have survived and I have found myself under a lot less pressure and stress. This is the first time in 10 years that I have been able to sit back and think with some clarity.

The preceding years had not been kind to me both emotionally and physically and I found myself looking for answers. The staph infection that I contracted was still running riot throughout my body. I knew that I needed to do something about my situation as I knew that I could not continue indefinitely with the way that things were happening.

It was at this time that I was approached by my mother a Christian woman who had a deep faith and relationship with our Lord. She encouraged me to attend a healing service that was conducted by The Order of St Luke. At first I felt embarrassed about going up in front of other people and asking for God’s healing. After about six months of doubt and with the gentle encouragement of my mother I finally decided to attend a healing service that was to take place at the Uniting Church in Tamworth. I can still remember the night as it is locked firmly in my mind as a turning point in my life.

I can remember sitting at the back of the congregation thinking to myself “if they ask me to come forward I will not go”, however I found myself when the time came unable to control my body and found myself standing at the front with a line of people who were asking for God’s healing. As the pastor came closer I can remember thinking what do I ask for, what is it that I really need, what is the question that I need an answer to. It was as if somebody else was in control of my body and I can remember asking for forgiveness and for a relationship with God. As the pastor placed his hand on my head I felt a washing sensation that started at the top of my body and gradually worked it’s way all the way down and out through my toes. I knew then what had happened but it was to take me quite some time before I would be able to talk about it.

The boils and infection that had invaded my body gradually began to heal and in the next several weeks cleared away and vanished. So much so that within three weeks I was completely clear of any infection. Normally once an infection started it would take 4 to 5 weeks for a boil to come to a head, break and then finally heal however now I had no sign of any new infections and all the old ones had gone.

I was in awe of what had happened and I found it hard to talk about because the experience was so great and so personal that I needed time to think and ask myself the question what had really happened. God had healed me and I found that hard to comprehend. Why had he done this, what was the reason that he chose to heal me, I was no one special? There was a gradual dawning of awareness that followed this experience, an understanding that the creator himself had seen fit to take away not only my illness but the barrier that I had placed between him and myself because of my own stubborn nature and unwillingness to surrender my will to anyone.

I can remember asking myself where do I go from here, what are the next steps on this journey?